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Promoting children’s literacy and anti-bullying in the Bay Area 
The Honorable Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, has declared Monday, April 3rd, as "Mykah Montgomery Day." Montgomery receives this distinction for her diligence and advocacy—specifically, children’s literacy and anti-bullying through her “Gift of Reading” that donated over 200 books in 2016.  

Montgomery explains, “The Gift of Reading campaign puts books in the hands of children within our communities to promote a love for reading, a love for self and others (to help eradicate bullying), and foster entrepreneurship. It’s never too early to support a child’s dreams.”

Statistics suggest that one out of four kids is bullied.  Statistics also suggest that young males within urban communities who do not read by 3rd grade are more likely to pursue lifestyles that lead to prison sentences.
Over the past several years, Montgomery has worked tirelessly to educate and motivate youth in Oakland through literacy and positive activities that reinforce good behavior as alternatives to violence—both physical and verbal.

Accordingly, reading aloud to young children is critical,
A number of community leaders, elected officers and business leaders will participate in the LEADERS ARE READERS “Gift of Reading” activity, Monday, April 3rd, at Northern Light School, 3710 Dorisa Avenue Oakland CA 94605. The event runs 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

AVAILABLE FOR MEDIA INTERVIEWS, Mykah Montgomery, is a working mother, a passionate and compassionate advocate for children’s literacy and anti-bullying; a published author and recording artist--seeking to see all children thrive. Montgomery’s efforts extend to fundraising to support donations of books to area schools.  Details at